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Terms and Conditions


1. Scope of contract

These Terms and Conditions apply to all contracts between the Translator Nicole Trebbin and her Clients, unless expressly stipulated otherwise or indispensably required by law. By placing the order, the Client accepts these Terms and Conditions. Any Terms and Conditions by the Client are only binding for the Translator if she expressly accepted them.


2. Order

The Client places the order in electronic or any other written format. An order is considered as valid and placed only if confirmed in writing by the Translator. The translation is carried out with care according to the principles of proper professional conduct.


3. Delivery

Delivery of the translation is carried out by prior agreement either via email, by post, fax or is handed over personally. The Translator assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to the data during the electronic transmission of the translation or on its way of transportation. The Client is responsible for the final review of the data. Claims for damages owing to incorrect or ambiguous source texts or due to an unclear or incomplete placing of order cannot be accepted.

The delivery date agreed upon when placing the order is binding for the Translator, unless the delivery date cannot be observed for reasons that are beyond the control of the Translator. In this case, the Translator commits herself to inform the Client without delay. Both the Client and the Translator are, in such a case, entitled to withdraw from the contract. Any work already accomplished hitherto is to be remunerated. Claims for damages are excluded in this case.


4. Correction of faults
The Translator reserves the right to correct any faults. The Client is entitled to demand the correction of any faults the translation may contain. The claim for correction of faults must be made by the Client, specifying the error, no later than 14 days after receipt of the translation.


5. Confidentiality

The Translator undertakes to treat all documents and data or other information provided by the Client relating to an order as confidential.


6. Payment

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, invoices are immediately due and payable net by bank transfer. As per Value Added Tax Act article 19 paragraph 1 no value added tax is levied.


7. Liability

The Translator is only liable in cases of intent or gross negligence. Liability in the event of slight negligence shall apply exclusively if substantial contractual duties are neglected. The Translator’s liability shall, in any case, be limited to the corresponding order value.


8. Property

The translation shall remain in the ownership of the Translator until all payments due are made in full. 


9. Applicable law

German law shall apply for the order and all claims arising therefrom.

The place of performance and the place of jurisdiction shall be Lüdenscheid.



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